Inspired by latest post (click here) from YP from Talking Money Talking $ense, I decided to write a short childhood of myself.

I was taken care by nanny, who I called her mum. Similarly, I called her husband papa, and her sons brothers. My dad initially paid my nanny $300-$360 (including everything), reduced to $200, and eventually my nanny allowed me to stay and live with them for free. However, they run into some financial crisis and I have to stay with my aunties, at around 20 years old. I am so thankful of them that they give me unconditional family love. I am equally thankful to my aunties.

I have never stayed with my parents before, except a few days for my entire life during school vacations. Things change after my parents remarried and started their own families.

I can still remember how I walked 5 bus stops …