Monthly Savings & Expenses May 2016

Monthly Expenses May 2016


House ($395.28) – Aircon servicing for my 3 aircons for $100. Bought a wifi repeater for $39 and it works like a charm. Used to have unstable connection in my room, but with the repeater i have the POWER of WIFI! Hahaha, Groceries shopping, utilities and other household items make up this list.

Food & Eating Out ($590.91 – $177.27 = $413.64) – Daily meals and the weekends eating out. 30% of eating out is allocated as baby expenses.

Transport & Taxi ($91.18) – Monthly EZ Reload top up of $40 and a few taxi trips.
Communication ($42.00) – My M1 bill that is still on the 3G plan with 12 GB of data. Yay!
Baby ($454.85 + $177.27= $632.12) – The usual expense for Chloe including packet milk, allowance, tidbits…