The historical outcome of BREXIT referendum yesterday (24th June 2016) shocked the world and created bloodbath across the global stock market as well as political unrest (start with the resignation of the UK PM, David Cameron, to be effected in Oct 2016).

Personally, I am not that into politic and trying to refrain myself from writing post with political theme, but this historical event just creep me up too much and hence this post.

Let’s start with the aftermath of BREXIT 

  1.  According to TODAY’s report, over US$2 trillion (SGD $2.7 trillions) value of stocks worldwide was being wiped off! Knee jerk reaction? I think it might be more than knee jerk… ;-)
  1.  The value of Pound is falling like a heavy metal falling knife…fast and furious style… The weakest since 1985 (30 years) @ US$1.3229
  1. Oil price plunged 6.8% to US$46….