A few days ago, a CNA news headline caught my attention:

“Quarterly industrial property prices, rentals fall; more supply coming onstream”

“…… JTC said that in the second half of 2016, about 1.6 million sqm of industrial space is estimated to come on stream. This is higher than the average annual supply and demand over the past three years.”

My portfolio actually had substantial exposure to the industrial property sector, and is probably still rather exposed to it, albeit much less so after the divestment of Hock Lian Seng.

Still, this is a sector that I’ve paid attention to closely previously, but has recently not been very updated.

Boustead Singapore, via it’s stake in Boustead Projects, has exposure to the industrial sector. LTC Corporation owns 4 blocks of industrial properties and marks the value to market annually, so for sure, it’s exposed to the general market prices. Hock …