The global Pokemon craze invaded Singapore a few days back. The streets were horded with people from all walks of life, lured to these PokeStops scattered all over the island. I do not remember Singapore’s Park Connector Network (PCN) ever being this crowded. People could easily mistaken it for Pokemon Connector Network (PCN too!). *Pun intended!* Singaporeans were basically camping at places such as Yishun Park, Punggol Waterway, Bedok Reservoir, etc. to hunt for Pokemon!

Pokemon Go Gamers can be Good Investors. They should be!

I do believe Pokemon Go Gamers have the mental and emotional tools to be good investors. However, if only people were as crazy about their financial health, putting this obsession and their resources to achieve other results, they could be very successful in “retiring” earlier.

To clarify the term – “good investors”, I am referring to investors that are investing to achieve financial …