Hello there folks !
Gosh it’s already almost the end of August 2016, time really does fly sometimes doesn’t it? Soon enough 2016 will be history and we would be staring down the beginning of yet another year.
Considering that I’m in a bit of a philosophical mood today (I’d tell you why later), let’s talk about an often overlooked aspect in our lives. We all go through life with various expectations, hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears and wants.

Life is often a hurried race, one task to another, being buried in commitments, and wanting it all. There is often no time to reflect, no time to pause, no time to take stock. We just ponder on with life.

The pale blue dot

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and reflect upon our lives. I insist. Now that you’re reading this blog of mine, take a pause. Think …