One of the privileged presentation during our reader’s sharing Building Cash Flow with Stocks was an explanation of how REITs grow by B from Forever Financial Freedom.

He illustrated based on his competency how the capital management of REITs could take place to grow with debt and equity. I do agree with his thoughts, and my article on how REITs grow have articulate that view.

In this week’s announcement, we see Keppel DC REIT (dividend yield 5.5%), a diversified data centre specialty REIT showing some evidence of this.

Keppel DC bought the “shell and core building” of a data centre in UK for 34 million pounds. The data centre is in Cardiff, Wales and is on a 15 year triple net lease with rental escalations. The client will bear all operating expenses and capital expenditure of the data centre.

This is Keppel DC’s 4th acquisition since IPO in …