If you keep cash, like many people do, this article tells you which banks offer the best “risk-free interests” on your cash deposits.

By “risk-free”, we mean you do not have to take any form of risk, whether it is an investment risk, or even freezing your money for a period of time (i.e. you can’t withdraw). You want to keep your money liquid – you want the flexibility of withdrawing your money at any time. And you do not want to incur any possible investment loss.

Of course, it’s never 100% zero risk. There’s always this extremely tiny risk of the bank collapsing and reneging on all payments.

There are some conditions though. For 3 of the banks that we are highlighting in this article, you need to credit your salary ($2k for BOC and OCBC, but $3k for Stanchart), incur some credit card spend ($500/mth), and …