I tracked on this last year for fun and I am going to do the same for this year.

Writing has been very helpful in organizing and strengthening my thoughts and I enjoy doing so in the midst of busy schedules.

I do get paid daily from writing on this blog and they are mainly derived from Adsense. Nuffnang also contributed a few but not significant. There were also a couple of adhoc sponsored request sometimes which I will also include. There were also many requests which I had declined due to incompatibility of the objective.

For those who are new to blogging, Google Adsense is easy to implement and they are within a click of a button to get started. The platform has 3 main avenues which bloggers can earn their money from:

1.) Cost-Per-Click (CTC)

2.) Click-Through Rate (CTR)

3.) Cost-Per-Impression (CPI)

The CTC and