We are winding down the year end, but for industrial real estate investment trust Sabana (dividend yield 9.3%), they are not taking it easy.

We are suddenly seeing a  flurry of deals happening.

This article will provide some analysis on the acquisitions and disposals and some of my thought process when I look at these deals with Sabana’s current situation.

On 5th December, Sabana managed to sell off their 218 Pandan Loop property. Since the end of the master lease, this property have been left vacant. The property was sold at a profit, much to a lot of people’s surprise. This is because the climate is not the most conducive.

I have friends trying to sell off their industrial properties and its been difficult.

On 8th, 14th and 15th, Sabana announced the potential purchase of 3 different properties. The first one was a sale and leaseback from Singapore Handicrafts