Chairman statement: 
Dear readers, the theme in 2016 is surviving in a volatile world. There are 2 shocker news: first Brexit and next Trump’s election. But the market survived and blossom.

We are proud to announce we have grow from strength to strength. The company manage a dividend of $3849 in 2016, from a capital base of about $57000, giving a yield of about 6.5%. This is a 2.5% improvement in yield and 40% increase in dividend.

However, trading profits is flat or negligible. The small profits in 1H was gone as we increase cash by taking a loss of Lippomall.

However, as compared to a year ago, where the vested amount is 15% lower than market value, we now have a equity portfolio that is 3% in the green. As mentioned in 1H intern report, we are going to include cash in the calculation of our portfolio. …