On 22 February 2017 , TalkMed had announced a bonus issue of new ordinary shares in the share capital of the Company (the “Bonus Shares”) to the shareholders of the Company on the basis of one Bonus Share for every one existing ordinary share .

It is definitely a good news to me as the price have surged up by more than 30% based on my entry price.

I might dispose some of my TalkMed shares after cum bonus which I will  blog about it in the future.

The balance sheet is still strong with little debts. Operating Expenses have go up in tandem with expanded operations.

Overall , not much changes as compared to FY 2015 except for the mounting losses from its associate Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre Holdings Limited at $3.63 million for  FY 2016.


Revenue for FY 2016 was $68.91 million, an increase of $3….