For the past couple of weeks after Budget 2017 was released, everybody’s mind was fixated on the 30% water price hike. In my humble opinion, if the intention of the water price hike is to shock Singaporeans into realising how valuable water should be, the government should probably be considering an even bigger percentage hike.

Afterall, for the average Singaporean family (the 4-room dwellers), net water bill will increase by only $5/month (after U-save rebate).

And this issue is distracting us from bigger strategic concerns.

During the National Day Rally last year, PM Lee spent a big chunk of time explaining about the South China Sea disputes and its impact on Singapore. Unfortunately, this issue was overshadowed by PM Lee’s falter on stage as he took ill during the speech.

The world is rapidly changing and in my opinion, we are at a pivotal moment. Besides China’s encroachment …