I’ve been in a rather busy and heavy month transacting a few recent buys and sells. I’ll consolidate my purchase and sells in my next portfolio update shortly.

Today, I’ve added 40,000 shares of Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) at a price of 59 cents into the portfolio.

My original intention was to accumulate more CDLHT shares but on second thought as it is currently already my top position, I wanted to diversity a bit within a different company with a slightly more concentrated Singapore portfolio but still within the hospitality industry.

My thesis on betting big on the hospitality industry is on the belief that the sector will bottom out in 2017 this year and start rebounding on an upcycle from FY2018 onwards. While it is not urgent to get into the sector right now (I’ll explain why later), I wanted to accumulate in 2017 where I believe they …