What are your numbers?

Having just posted about our Sell transactions for Mar 2017, I just realised it’s about time to write about our Buy transactions for Mar 2017 as well. Just need to wait for our last automated POSB Invest-Saver investment into the ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund (A35 on SGX) to go through early next week before I do so. In the meantime, I’m free to write about anything that comes to my mind. I know the title doesn’t give away much but it is about something that matters very much to me.

My wife and I track our personal finances & investment portfolio via Google Sheets and SGXCafe. On our iphones, we actually have the Google Sheets, SGXCafe and various bank applications to assist us with this monitoring process. Both of us have each other’s account login usernames and passwords for all of these apps. More importantly, we can access the same Google …

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