Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2)

They say for something you cannot control e.g. stock market your investing Goals are useless.

If you are going to retire in the next few years then it is foolish to set retirement as your investing Goal!

But if you are decades away from retirement you can set SMART investing Goals with Rule of 72; you will still have some control to revise, refine or rebuild your System and Process towards your journey to reach your Goal.

When we are employees; we will one day retire either voluntarily, involuntarily or statutory; we will retire from our full-time job!

Uncle8888 clearly know it and in no illusion and plan decades ahead of its time and can even announce his Goal sooner than expected when he has better grip of ETA to his retirement.

One of his peers who was very motivated and cheong worker who after re-org became his last ex boss …