I am too lazy to visit forums or chat groups. I am also too lazy to visit other blogs. So, when I do leave a comment in other blogs from time to time, it is an “OMG, give me a set of lucky 4D” moment.

Listening to a friend and setting up a Facebook page was a giant leap forward for me. Some might not know this but I abandoned that effort after a while donkey years ago, preferring to just stick with blogging. I didn’t see any need for Facebook.

Then, how did I become so active in Facebook in recent years?

I was getting bored with just blogging.

Sounds familiar? Yes, boredom was a big reason why I started blogging too.

Anyway, there is enough interaction with people through my blog and Facebook page to keep me busy.

Add the liberal number of emails and PMs on Facebook, I am kept quite busy online…