We are in the mid of 2017. Many things had happened during the past 6 months, especially with the interest rate hike last month. What 穷小子 had accomplished?

Financial’s achievement
Attended quite a few of AGMs this year. Fraser Centrepoint Trust, CapitaComm Trust, and OCBC. Learned quite a few insights from the management of each company. If not due to overseas and other commitments, 穷小子 may have attended more. Anyway there will always be next year.

Not much of purchase in 2017. Banks and REITs are “expensive” for now, REITs price doesn’t drop much despite of the interest rates, hence which left with Telcos only. Yes, it is a stormy period for telcos industry now, hope that the brave will be rewarded. They are still in the red, but thankfully only bought in small each time and now sitting comfortably at about 5% yield.

Lady luck is on 穷小子…