There’s a little bit of euphoria in the market in the past few days as the STI Index breached the 3,300 mark temporarily yesterday.

However, organically, the 15HWW portfolio actually shrank a little, due to the strong Sing Dollar which appreciated against the USD and HKD. Not to mention the anaemic performance of gold. Despite the local market doing well, the overall portfolio only rose by two thousand bucks to $414,000.

Another no-transaction month and I am looking to make a couple of sales if the market pushes up a bit more. 

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio
The SGD appreciated against the USD. US$1 would have been able to exchange for SGD 1.39 a month ago but now it’s only SGD 1.37. Coupled with the price decline of gold, the portfolio lost about $1,000 in value even though the STI continued its ascent.

Since half a year …