Couple of posts back, I wrote about the Amex Platinum which I cancelled.
So my wife cancelled the card cos they charged her the annual fee.
Previously if this happened, I would be the next person who applied for the card so we can continue to utilize the promotions.
Now, I’m unemployed so I can’t apply…

Or can I?
So I thought about all those old retired folks with money…
Does that mean they cannot apply for credit card?
Sounds strange right? How can someone who is retired who maybe has a lot of money and yet they cannot apply for credit cards?
Cannot be right?

So I tried my luck and called Amex pretending to be a rich retired guy.
“I used to have an Amex card when I was employed, but I cancelled it and now I’m like semi retired. Is there anyway I can apply for a credit card based on my investments or AUM?”

Well, the usual …