On Optimisation

“Huh? I have to eat Cai Peng everytime because it’s the most value-for money? What’s the point of retiring early then?”

“What?! Manage 10 bank accounts? You should spend your time on activities that can potentially generate more income for you.”

If optimising something becomes too tiring or too ridiculous, it’s probably time to take a step back. Optimising can be an addiction too.

But how to define “too tiring or too ridiculous”? Well, it really depends on the capacity and situation of that individual. What I find reasonable might just be too tiring for you.

On Benchmarking

“Wow. They are earning almost $15,000 a month yet can only save 40% of their income. If I were them, I could retire in <10 years. They are way too frivolous.”

“Huh?! Cannot splurge at hawker centres and must learn to make $1 meals at home? I …