Dear readers, amidst the more volatile global stocks markets backdrop, some investors will prefer to hold their investments over a longer term rather than carry out regular trades. To hold one’s investments, one need to ensure that their stocks have good fundamentals. Do the following stocks, each having a dividend yield of at least around 4%, a low debt (debt-to-equity ratio of less than around 20%) and undervalued at Price-to-Book ratio of below one good investing ideas?

1) CDW Holding Limited

2) CosmoSteel Holdings Limited

3) CSE Global Limited

4) Ellipsiz Ltd

5) Far East Orchard Limited

6) Fu Yu Corporation Limited</span></span></span>

7) Global Investments Limited

8) Global Testing Corporation Limited

9) Hiap Seng Engineering Ltd

10) Karin Technology Holdings Limited

11) Keong Hong Holdings Limited

12) LHT Holdings Limited

13) Miyoshi Limited

14) New Toyo International Holdings Ltd

15) Plastoform Holdings Limited

16) Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

17) United …