Is it possible to save $100,000 by the age of 28?

SG Young Investment started writing about his investment journey at the age of 25, back in the year 2013. From then, he set high targets for himself when it comes to investing. Always trying to attain at least a return of 8% per annum from his investments,

SG Young Investment managed to save S$100,000 by 28 years old and here’s how he did it in 3 years.

By saving S$1,300 per month, which works out to be S$46,800 in 3 years Adding in his bonus of S$20,400 in total, giving him a total saving of S$67,200. Further investing his savings of S$30,000, aiming for a return of 8% for 3 years to attain an addition S$7,200 in returns. All these gave him a total of S$104,400 in 3 years!

In this article, we have SG Young Investment share his …