Our good friend Xeo, the brain behind Wongamania, has launched a new financial board game Debtzilla! We had the privilege to play it before it was available for sale and here is some of our views about the game.

What is Debtzilla?

In the land of Banana Republic, an incompetent and corrupted government has caused a wave of crime and lawlessness in the Republic. A few brave souls showed up and decided to take on the mantle of Heroes – to combat the Villains who are scamming the hard-earned savings of ordinary Citizens. However, beneath every Hero lies a hard working citizen, who needs to work, save and borrow money in order to finance his crime fighting career. Yet, little did they know that their credit card bills are feeding the ultimate monster of mass destruction: Debtzilla.
(Learn more about Debtzilla on Kickstarter)

Unlike the competitive nature …