Let’s assume we are all gym instructors.
We all love our job, we earn $3k a month, and work 5 days a week between 8am – 8pm.
The job is pretty flexi so there’s a lot of free time in between. We encourage people to achieve their fitness goals. And we really like what we do.
There’s not much career progression but that’s pretty ok.

Usually, as gym instructors, we do not have other qualifications to do other work.
So we haven’t experienced a 9am – 6pm working culture in a political environment.
We haven’t had the feeling of earning $7k per month.
(Some good instructors can earn $5k and above. So I’m not discounting instructors and their income, it depends on a lot of factors.)

Looking at this scenario, would we desire to retrain ourselves to go towards a corporate job?
We may think… “woah those corporate guys earn so much. Oh well, but they have their own stress.