For those lazy to look back into past annual reports to find out whether a REIT has performed well, here are a bunch of charts that show you how Ascendas REIT fared based on their latest 2016 annual report.

As their portfolio consists of 100+ properties, I’ve split the charts into multiple ones so that it can be seen clearly.

Decent property yields in the high single-digit range

Property yields are important because they determine what yield level the REIT can trade at.

Property yield here is calculated as gross income/valuation.


Healthy top line

The main top line items – Gross revenue, net property income and amount available for distribution has been rising.

Stable NAV per unit

For investors who look at NAV per unit, the long term value for Ascendas REIT has been hovering around the 2.0 level. As of 2 Oct, price is …