So I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last week.
Really watching it from somewhere and not just reading it off Wikipedia.
Some time near the end the main character, Peter says… “What’s so wrong with that?”
Quote is below. “Ego” is his dad who has god-like powers, so Peter has inherited it, but apparently if daddy dies then Peter loses his powers as well.
So I was thinking, what’s so wrong about that.
In the FIRE, frugal, ER, Semi ER community, this topic happens a lot.
People generally judge this community as lazy, not ambitious, or wasting their talent, etc.
What a waste of our lives. We could be so much more, achieve so much more, earn so much more.

And I used to think, “What’s so wrong about that?”
I define my own path and walk it, and so do many of us.

But then I flipped that idea and that way of thinking around a …