It suddenly dawned upon me, we are pretty much what our parents taught us. Duhz right?

So we grow up as kids and they always say, be a lawyer, doctor.
No parent tells the kid to be a cleaner.
Not trying to be insulting to cleaners, everyone provides a service to society, but really, no parents are going to tell their kids to be cleaners…

It’s always been, study hard, so that you can be a doctor, lawyer, pilot, accountant, etc etc.
And the story ends there.
Most of us would have such an experience? Yes?
Our parents told us to study hard so that we can get into a good profession. Very normal.
So I would think maybe 80% or a considerably large percentage of parents tell their kids to study hard so that they can get good job prospects.

Ok now think about this. What if our parents had told us…
Study hard so that you can get …