Ok, I don’t do much research on reward Miles on credit cards.
My initial rough analysis years back lead me to conclude that the returns just wasn’t worth spending on cards which gave Miles as rewards.

It’s quite hard to quantify Miles, cos… well, that’s the point, they don’t want it to be easily quantifiable… so consumers won’t know how much they are spending vs how much the Miles are worth.

Once again, I can only estimate.
I went to the Krisflyer website and checked what I can redeem for against the cost of SQ flights.

From the above estimate, I reckon each Krisflyer Mile would be worth at MAX 3 cents.
I’m trying to give Miles a chance. So I want to give them a “good” biased estimate.
Cos if after I give them a “good” biased estimate, and the maths fails, then there’s nothing to talk about anymore.
So from here onwards, I will value Krisflyer Miles at …