Recently, I have added more of Mapletree Commercial Trust and CapitaMall Trust to my stock portfolio. As such, cash on hand has decreased. I have also been performing Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) top up over the past few months to reduce the income tax amount I have to pay next year. My current cash on hand versus my total investment in stocks is 25 percent versus 75 percent respectively.

I am expecting my cash to increase next month as just like Kevin from Turtle Investor, I am expecting to receive my annual wage supplement in the month of December.

Here are some of the options I am expecting to do with my AWS:

  1. Invest them into my stock portfolio
  2. Top up my Supplementary Retirement Scheme account
  3. Perform voluntary contribution to my Ordinary Account, Special Account
  4. Pay off 1 year of my children’s tuition fee

I am most likely to perform …