Singaporeans love to eat and Chilli Crabs are one of our favourite dishes.

No, we are not turning into a food blog.

Instead, the purpose of this article is to share my thoughts about the No Signboard’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) that is going to happen on 30 Nov 2017.

I will be comparing Jumbo and No Signboard since they are both listed on the SGX and they have similar businesses.

Let’s dive into it!

Who Serves Better Crabs?

Jumbo appears to have a stronger association with Chilli Crabs, or so I think. No Signboard should not be far behind when it comes to crabs, especially since it features a crab in its logo.

Fun Fact: most people are probably not aware that Jumbo was not the first to introduce the Chilli Crab dish. Roland Restaurant has openly stated that they are the founder of the Chilli Crab …