Having been a soccer fan (I play soccer almost every Sunday) for so many years, I have always looked forward to the major competitions such as the World Cups and Euros.

Therefore, when news of World Cup 2018 draws start to appear, I got reminded that the competition is drawing near (14 Jun 2018).

This time round, an additional thought strike me. The investor in me started thinking of “opportunities to invest in” during the World Cup period.

I started thinking of the various opportunities, and then I remembered I had actually found out who are the manufacturers of Nike and Adidas previously when I was researching in the overseas counters.

The 2 companies I found out are:

Win Hanverky Holdings Limited (aka WH)

Founded in early 1980s and listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2006, Win Hanverky Holdings Limited (SEHK: 3322) and …