When I very first heard about Bitcoin and blockchain in the beginning of last year 2016, it was only about $400+. Now price is about $17,000. Needless to say, it’s a crazy surge with all the hype. It made the mainstream news. Being an investor and trader, Bitcoin will definitely catch your eye.

This post first appeared on InvestingNote. on 14-Dec-2017 and It was written by one of our veteran community members, @YokeMing.

Whether you believe in it or not. I think most investors and traders will sort of envy Bitcoin’s surge…while they’ve been either making much less in the stock market or even losing money.

I saw on Straits Times they interviewed an unemployed uncle on why he bought Bitcoin. He compared it to TOTO, saying that TOTO hard to win but Bitcoin surging everyday.

From such an example, we can sort of know why so many people are going …