With the last of my stock ex-dividend today for the year, is time to compute dividend returns alone.

Total dividends $41,802 for Year 2017.

Highest Dividend from Reit is AA Reit.
Highest Dividend from Non-Reit is Singtel.

Reit and Non-Reit are coincidentally equal in total percentage in dividend returns. I like this ratio in diversification

This year as expected I have finally achieved $40K dividend returns and exceeding by $1.8k. With good economic projection for year 2018, and with bonus and profit returns in this year market, I will target $45K – $50K for next year range.

In total, all my dividends together hits $225 K. Quite amazing sum of money. Is almost a quarter million. The building up pace is quite steep in cumulative line view compared to the bar chart.

However, I like to add note of caution. Is not tips, place and forget. Throughout dividend investing …