Time flies and 2017 is coming to an end.

Time for me to take a look at how much income my portfolio of S-REIT has generated for me in the final quarter of the year.

The plan for Saizen REIT to transform into a REIT holding Australian industrial properties failed to materialise.

In the end, it was delisted from the stock exchange and whatever residual value was distributed to its shareholders.

This lifted my total income from S-REITs for the year rather nicely.

Of course, this is definitely the final distribution from Saizen REIT and it will not be repeated.

4Q 2017 distributions from S-REITs:

S$ 31,812.93

Did I change anything in my S-REITs portfolio in 4Q 2017?

I decided to use some of the income received in 4Q 2017 to increase my investment in Starhill Global REIT by more than 50%, paying 74.5c a unit …