If you have not read the 3 earlier parts, read them HERE (PART 1),HERE (PART 2) and HERE (PART 3).

Although most of my investments have an emphasis on income, regular readers know that I also have some money in investments which would hopefully give me a mix of income and growth.

Such investments, some bigger and some smaller, as a whole, form a smaller proportion of my portfolio compared to my investments for income.

This is consistent with the capital allocation pyramid which I have shared many times before.

Keeping this in mind, I added to my investment in Wilmar at under $3.10 a share as Mr. Market turned pessimistic in 4Q 2017.

Buying at a discount to NAV and at a price 10% lower than what Archer Daniels Midland Co paid to increase their stake more than a year ago seems like a good idea to me…