Last year, after not bothering with efficiently managing my liquid money for a long while, I decided to take a look at what are some of the short term saving deposits available to us.

So my setup for last year was a mixture of:

  1. OCBC 360 Hurdle Account
  2. UOB One Hurdle Account
  3. Singapore Savings Bonds
  4. Lion Global Money Market

One year has passed and there are some changes. However, most of the plans available to you are still out there. But some of the plans on floating interest rates might start to look attractive.

My criteria for short term savings account is still the same:

  1. Not to lose money
  2. Have liquidity not longer than 1 month
  3. Better than fixed deposit returns
  4. Easy to understand
  5. Not overly complex

The current fixed deposit rates for 12 month duration varies from 0.25% to 0.35%.

This time round, I tried arranging them …