The Singapore REITs have been rising steadily over these few months.

Not all of them.

If you check out the REITs on my Dividend Stock Tracker, the hospitality REITs, Office REITs and the large market capitalization REITs have been doing well.

Their dividend yields have compressed to a level that many investors would term it as overvalued.

The larger capitalization office REITs have yields of 4-4.4%, which is like 2% above the 10 year Singapore government bond rates. I think this is not uncommon.

For sometime, Singapore REITs have command a larger yield spread over risk free government bonds than their peers in other countries.

So this move is actually in line.

Perhaps Singapore REITs is finally playing catch-up to the other countries as previously, we have a fundamental demand and supply, as well as challenging economic outlook that places a cap on future REIT performance.

In Singapore, …