I don’t really like doing a lot of charity work. Basically, cos I think many charities are hoaxes.

A lot of time, the money is channeled to running the organization and the beneficiaries get a small percentage of the total donated. I’m thinking something like 10%-30%.
But of course I don’t discourage people from doing charity work. I mean 10%-30% is better than 0%.
Although on a flip side, my other brain tells me, the more that people donate, the more they incentivize bad behavior. By continuously donating, the people feed the large pays of the CEOs and the cycle continues. I’m a believer of, the people have the power to choose, and they should choose correct organizations to pump their resources into.

So I’m very picky over helping charities or supporting activities and I don’t like pouring resources down a drain. Resources could be money or time. So if the organization or activity …