1stly, some thanks is in order.

Lilin from SGX told me they’re sending “Team ThumbTack” (as they so affectionately put it) some red packets for CNY, and I was expecting a couple of packs in the mail.

Then my guard passed me this:

Inside was a massive box of several packs of red packets.

Wow, that’s enough for several CNYs. How’s that for some festive mood?

Plus they’re smart enough to have generic red packets that can be used regardless of which year it is.

So thank you, SGX!

3 months ago, in Nov 2017, I wrote about my investing thesis for Shinsho Corporation and Kobe Steel:

TTI’s New Core Position: Shinsho Corporation & Kobe Steel

As stated, I accumulated a position of 2,500 shares in Shinsho Corporation, and 2,000 shares in Kobe Steel

Experts In WEF Davos + Updates On Shinsho Corporation

Since then, both companies have reported Q3 …