Read? What did I share with a guy called Noobz on our first meeting?

We don’t have to learn or re-learn on how to retain losers till zero-baggers! This is already naturally in us as retail investors.

Recently; Uncle8888 happened to chat with one very senior uncle in his 70s during drinking free coffee and reading Business Times when he asked him : “You retired? You invest?”.

Later, he said he gave up investing as he has lost too much. Few of his stock holding were consolidated and will never recover his losses!

The moral of the story : Once your stocks have been consolidated; it is extremely difficult to recover your paper losses!

Why retail investing is so difficult?


The Art of Selling and at the same time The Art of  Holding as well for cash flow! This is CONTRADICTING Art!

Paper gains are NOT real; but dividends are real and NOT ALL type of dividends …