As per my earlier post (3 Sites/Apps That Will Earn You Trade-able Cryptocurrencies), if you are keen to get your hand with some cryptocurrencies but not prepared to invest/buy it from the exchange, you can participate in some of the blockchain projects and at the same time earn you some associated cryptocurrencies/tokens.

Today, I am going to share/recap my experience thus far with Steemit (decentralized social network) and (blockchain related campaigns/tasks).

For more details of what each of them, check out my earlier post here.


I’ve joined the Steemit community since Sep 2017. In the initial few weeks, I did participate in posting/commenting quite regularly (almost everyday) but subsequently, I only post/comment as and went I feel like it (still doing it now).

So far, my earning of STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS (cryptocurrencies of Steemit) is about USD 43.69:

FYI, …