When it comes to investing, there are many investment options to choose from. Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, you name it. However, there has been 1 very interesting investing option popping out recently and that is – P2P Lending.

In the past, i have looked at P2P lending (or in fact, any P2P stuff) with skepticism because i personally feel that its too good to be true with the investment returns of 8% to even 15% annually!

I decided to give Funding Societies a try due to the good feedback i heard from my friends and online reviews via Seedly too.

Signing up in Funding Societies 1st Step

Go to https://fundingsocieties.com/. Click on the “Invest” tab in Blue background.

2nd Step

You will be brought to the page where you are required to include:

Personal details like DOB, Address Upload your front and back I.C.

After filling up your