Things have pretty much settled down for me recently.
We’ve gotten into our new groove.
Well… Kinda…
You see… what has changed the past few months is…
I started freegan activities 1 Dec 2017.
Also, my nephew went into Pri 1 in 2018, so our weekend parent visits switched from Sunday to Saturday.

Now… these 2 activities have allowed us to save quite a lot during these past 4 months and I’m very happy with that.
Another thing that has picked up or will likely pick up is my wife’s business trips. Which is expected to be once a month. Hopefully not twice a month.

With all these changes, I/we were trying to find a good balance/routine for the past few months.
For instance, I now have a lot of food available in the fridge, so I need to manage the inventory and make sure that it gets used up quickly every week before I get more, furthermore, sometimes …