The property market has been an important pillar of the local economy due to a buoyant job market, small land area, and affluent population. Show flats of new property launches are a common sight even during the past few years when the property market was in a doldrum.

In each show flat, we can find smartly-dressed property agents guiding prospective home buyers around, highlighting the unique selling points ranging from home features, amenities to good locations. The common real estate agencies found in Singapore include ERA, Propnex, Huttons, Orangetee etc. Among these companies, there is one that is a listed entity on the Singapore stock exchange. It is none other than ERA, listed as APAC Realty Limited (APAC).

So if you are keen to be part of the recovering Singapore property market, read on to find out more.

Stock Information

SGX Stock code: CLN

Market Capitalisation: $369m

Industry: Real Estate …