This is a book that I finished reading last week and I do highly recommend it.

The highest compliment I can give? It will add on to my collection of about 10-15 non-fiction books that deserves to be re-read and internalised.

I read “Poor Charlie’s Almanack” two years ago. The biggest take-away from Charlie Munger is the importance of building mental models to make better decisions in life.

And I think this book by Rolf Dobelli comes closest to being a usable text book to achieve that.

It’s written with the layman in mind, easy to digest and comprises 52 “hacks” for you to choose from. Obviously, you can expect quite a bit of overlap and a few of them are highly dubious in my opinion. But there’s enough nuggets of wisdom to prompt me to re-read each chapter and document my thoughts and reflections for the next half a …