I was talking with a friend recently.
And I was talking about curating my life or lifestyle.
And she mentioned it’s like a gardener.
Removing the weeds and planting the seeds and letting the good things grow.

And I think that’s pretty much what I’ve been trying to do.

Keep the good things and remove the rubbish.
Like… I’ve been always trying to cut off negative people from my life. People who don’t agree with what I do, I let them go.
Or people who do things which I find… Irrational and maybe they are right. I also try to avoid them. Absolutely nothing wrong with what they do. Just for me, it blows my mind when I see people do illogical things and it makes my mind go crazy.
Personally, I don’t like unnecessary stress on my mind.

And I realize I do this for a lot of aspects in my life.
Like my freegan activities. I’ve cut off …