Posted on April 23rd 2018



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Have you ever wondered why Singaporeans land in hospitals? We can look to data for that. However, medical data in many countries can be sparse at best, opaque at worst. Fortunately for us Singaporeans, data is plenty and often available readily. We here over at fundMyLife love data, and what better to explore this passion by going through the hospital bill data provided by the Ministry of Health?

In the handy Excel sheet from the MOH website, there are a total of 155 condition/procedures in the list, capturing hospital bills between 2016 and 2017. While immensely useful, it can be somewhat overwhelming, chock full of data. In this article, fundMyLife distills the list and examines the top 7 reasons (in no particular order) why Singaporeans land in hospitals.

#1 Anus, Surgical removal of haemorrhoids (Haemorrhoidectomy) –