I’ve lived my whole life pretty frugal.
I don’t spend money if I don’t need to. I find good deals whenever I can.
When I was young, we didn’t even turn on the airconditioning.
I don’t really buy stuff that I don’t need.

So now, if you asked me to induce spend $3000 within a normal month, it would be a tough task for me.
Regular readers know on some months I have to induce spending or prepay my telco bills to push up my credit card spending to get certain rebates/bonus interest.

Cos on some months, I can hardly even hit $500 spending on my credit card.

Of course not all months I have this problem, some months I have other unexpected expenses, replacement items, following my wife around on her biz trips, etc…

But generally, spending less is not much of a problem for me if you take a look at my monthly spending, and we …