This is a special seminar on outlook of the market, as well as an education seminar on trading.

It’s June…the middle of the year 2018. The STI and the general stock market has been trending sideways, amidst volatility.

Market volatility has been incredibly increased since early 2018. We have seen two round of sell down already, one in early Feb and one in late March. Dow dropped 12.3% from historical high within short period of time.

During volatile times, should you be selling, buying or holding?

Presented by Dr. Robin Han @robinhan, this is a crucial mid-year market outlook as well as an educational seminar on trading.

Some of these burning questions on every investor and trader’s mind will be addressed:

✔ What is current market status according to all the news, uncertainty and fundamental analysis?
✔ What is current market status according to technical analysis?
✔ What is …